See How Much You Can Save on Auto Insurance in San Jose, CA

Would you like to save a few hundred dollars per year? One of the best ways to do this is to get cheap auto insurance in San Jose. Think about it. You’re probably used to spending a sizable amount on premiums but have you ever considered whether they could be lowered? can provide the answer. Our search box can generate the quotes in your area so you can compare your annual expenses with others. You may be surprised just how low the rates can go.

Average San Jose Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $907 Annually

According to reliable data, the typical inhabitant of San Jose will shell out $1,494 to cover his vehicle insurance. That’s much higher than the $1,305 statewide average in California. Of course, in reality, the amounts vary a great deal. The lowest recorded was $987 while the highest was $2,726. No one wants to pay that much if it can be avoided, but what can people to do reduce their rates?

Insurance Factors — Cutting Down the Premiums in San Jose, CA

To reduce the rates, a person has to reduce the risks. If a car has a dark color, then it will be difficult to see at night which is very dangerous. Owners can have it coated in a lighter color to lower the risk. If a person has a checkered driving history, perhaps involving DUI, then he can change his ways and be sober from now on. A clean record from recent years may offset past errors. Additionally, the following factors must be carefully considered:

  • Location — SJ is a large city with 175 square miles of land area. Its population is a hefty 955,091 people, making the density 5,462 per sq mi. This makes it a little above average in terms of crowdedness and its 6.7% growth rate will probably push it to its limits very soon. Providers charge their clients higher if they live in busy cities as these places are notorious for their accident rates.
  • Driving To Work — It takes the average commuter 27.8 minutes to get from house to office in SJ. There were 44 fatal accidents around the city in 2009 wherein a total of 46 people died. A portion of these happened during the rush hour when thousands of cars crowd the roads and motorists are not exactly in their best behavior. This is why workers who drive to work during rush hour are generally charged higher than the rest. Avoiding the peak times entitle motorists to discounts which help them achieve cheap car insurance in San Jose.
  • Auto Thefts — Never be caught flat-footed by a thief. Install reliable car locks and blaring alarms to frustrate them if they ever try to target your car. Any sign of resistance and they will usually run away to steer clear of the cops. Aside from security your valuable possession, you will also be showered with rate cuts by insurance providers. They know that such anti-theft measures will prevent clients from becoming part of the statistics like the 5,151 auto thefts in 2009.
  • Education — It is not widely known but graduating from college can actually entitle a person to education-related discounts. This should be welcome news to students and alumni in the city.

A couple of hundred dollars in savings can translate to more funds for the kids, a memorable vacation, a new gadget, or countless other projects. Get one step closer to achieving your dreams by using our search tool today!

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