Compare Auto Insurance Policies in San Diego, CA

Hunting for cheap auto insurance in San Diego used to be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. It simply required too much time and effort, so people learned to accept whatever their providers offered them. Now there’s no need to put up with high prices as it had become possible to pinpoint low-cost options in a snap. Use our search tool here at and you’ll be surprised at how much you can actually save every year.

Average San Diego Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $717 Annually

SD is an amazing city that offers lots of educational and professional opportunities which attract people from across the country. As for vehicle insurance, the average rate in the city is not so bad at $1,449. The luckiest ones can pay as low as $957 which is remarkable for major metropolis. The highest recorded rate is $2,103.

Insurance Factors — Things to Watch Out for in San Diego, CA

It has always been and always will be about risk management. Insurance providers need to consider a large number of factors when figuring out a fair charge. Due to the complexity, they can’t issue a fixed rate for all and instead treat each client as an individual case to be evaluated on its own merits. Some of the most important determining factors are:

  • Location — Urban dwellers are at disadvantage when it comes to vehicle insurance. Providers are aware that crowded cities generally have dismal road accident records, and they therefore charge residents higher on average. The city is thriving with a population of 1,311,516 and a steady growth rate. Its saving grace is that though the number of inhabitants is huge, its land area is proportionately large as well. For now the density is at a manageable 4,044 people per sq mi.
  • Driving To Work — The roads become a virtual battle field during rush hour and those who drive at this time have an elevated risk of involvement in an accident. The sensible thing to do, therefore, is to avoid driving at this time. Some have schedules which are flexible enough to allow them to do this, and they are rewarded with rate cuts from providers. However, most are trapped in their work schedules and have to swallow the high fees. Traveling to work in SD usually takes no more than 23.2 minutes. The fatal accident count in the city is almost equal to that of the state with 5.6 and 5.5 per 100,000, respectively.
  • Auto Thefts — If you drive a popular type of car, then make it a point to install anti-theft devices. This bit of diligence will ward off criminals, prevent insurance providers from charging you any higher, and may even persuade them to give you a discount. Take this seriously as the problem is real, with 6,259 incidents during 2011 alone.
  • Education — Providers also shower educational discounts to college students and graduates. The city is home to a large number of bachelor’s degree holders who comprise 21.7% of the population. In contrast, the figure for California is 17.1%.

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