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California Auto Insurance — Knowledge is Power

The staggering amount of information that new drivers need to know can be overwhelming. That’s why we at have decided to make things a little easier. We have gone through all the primary sources and extracted the vital portions to help motorists get acquainted with the basics quickly. These include the legal limits, mandatory coverage, notable exceptions, and even a few tricks in reducing costs. What’s more, we’ve created a fantastic widget which can search for quotes from any corner of the state. Visitors can use this for free so that they can spot cheap California auto insurance deals right away.

CA Auto Insurance: Requirements Set by Law

State legislatures are primarily responsible for defining what drivers need to get for insurance. In California, lawmakers have fortunately done away with such things as UM coverage and the “no-fault” rule. These exclusions serve to lower the minimum cost for insurance applicants. In terms of liabilities, the state imposes fairly reasonable amounts:

Coverage Requirements Most Common
Bodily Injury Liability 15,000/30,000 100,000/300,000
Property Damage Liability 5,000 100,000
UM/UIM Optional 100,000/300,000
PIP Coverage Optional 5,000
Medical Payments Optional 5,000
Collision Optional 500 deductible
Comprehensive Optional 250 deductible

Remember these well as you wouldn’t want to purchase a policy that offers anything less than the required figures. Once that has been sorted out, a brief review of California driving laws is in order. Let’s start off with the speed limits on various types of roads. Never go beyond them even when pressed for time:

Speed Limits

Rural-Interstate 70 mph; trucks: 55 mph
Urban-Interstate 65 mph; trucks: 55 mph
Others: Limited-Access 70 mph; trucks: 55 mph
Others: Roads 65 mph; trucks: 55 mph


Pertinent Links on California Auto Insurance

The information listed here are by no means complete. If you have specific questions or simply want to know more, then your best bet is to go to the appropriate government website. These are excellent sources of the latest updates and it would be good to visit them every once in a while:

– California DMV:

– California Department of Insurance:

– Official Website of California:

Rate Reduction for Low-cost CA Auto Insurance

Cutting down premiums to the lowest level possible involves two things: getting lots of discounts and finding a low-cost provider. Insurance companies give away discounts to clients they deem safe such as those who don’t drive very far and those who avoid going out during the rush hour. Special rate cuts may also be availed by diligent students and security-conscious car owners. There are plenty to choose from so ask around and see if you qualify.

Insurance plans vary a great deal so don’t settle on the first one you encounter. There’s a good chance that you’ll find cheap car insurance in California if you expand your search. Getting quotes from several providers is a nice way to begin the hunt. This used to be time-consuming but not anymore thanks to the search widget which can pull the quotes from the Web in an instant. The best part about it is that allows visitors to use it for free!

Give the widget a spin and be amazed. You’ll be enjoying heaps of savings in no time!

Also, you should know that additional savings are available in the following California cities:

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